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Artists and Early Childhood Teachers

What is the language of childhood? Before children become readers and writers, they express themselves through play; through building, painting, dancing, inventing, drawing, pretending, singing and rhyming.


We look for ways to put teachers in conversation with artists, to give teachers the chance to get their hands on materials, and to develop a close up comfort with the arts.  Through partnership with artists, teachers expand their thinking and language to articulate the arts as an essential developmental approach and rigorous pedagogy for young children. We have worked with storytellers, painters, poets,  makers, inventors, sculpturers, clay artist, dancers,  musicians, oral historians, graphic artists, photographers and wood workers. 


Our goals:

  • To unite early learning with the arts.

  • To make the arts a staple of early childhood curriculum

  • To broaden the definition of literacy, numeracy and scientific thinking by articulating art as foundational early learning for young children.

  • To illuminate play as a dramtic art, the first language, the central medium for meaning making, and the material for symbolic thinking.

  • To find parallels with artists work and the practice of teaching young chilren as an expressive art.