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© 2023 by Early Childhood Teacher of the Hudson River Valley. 

For questions or comments see Carol Murray cmurray@bard.edu

We are a community of educators who meet monthly to discuss early childhood pedagogy. Our conversations are shaped by sharing, inquiry, thinking, reflection, stories and teachers learning from teachers.

Our conversations are guided by our beliefs:

  • We view young children as citizens and believe they are whole and capable, rich with ideas and theories.

  • We view teachers as creative intelligent collaborators, researchers and life long learners. 

  • We believe the wellness and growth of children and teachers is intimately linked.

  • We believe early childhood pedagogy is an applied science and an expressive art. 

"Early childhood teaching can be lonely work - even when you are surrounded by colleagues and children.  Because you are working with constantly changing, living, squirming human beings, the job is often puzzling, never complete, and frequently overwhelming...  Communities of practice have proven to be a powerful force for professional growth."   - Deb Curtis & Marge Carter 

What is your 

Image of the Child?